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Preparing to take the NCLEX test can bring so much anxiety to people. This is the test you have been preparing to take for years. This is the test that determines if you will become a registered nurse. This is why it is so important to spend the time to prepare yourself to take this test. The more prepared you are,  the less your anxiety will be when you are taking the test..  


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We have all the inromation you need to learn about how to prepare for the NCLEX. We have resources that will guide you to signing up for the NCLEX to how to find out if you passed.


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We have high level NCLEX style practice questions. Each question is designed to test you exactly the same way the NCLEX exam will. Practice makes perfect.

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By learning about the NCLEX and setting aside time to take practice questions everyday, you will be more prepared on test day. The worst thing you can do is not prepare.

National Council Licensure Examination

About The NCLEX

The NCLEX is a test to determine nursing skills and knowledge of the test taker. The test is developed by the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN). It uses Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology to determine the candidates nursing prepardness.

Types of NCLEX Questions

Multiple Choice

Multiple Response

Chart / Exhibit

Fill In The Blank